Bluecom offers a team of full-service marketing  & content experts

Founded in 1997 Bluecom specializes in Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Brands, Corporate, Financial, Technology and ICT

Key competence areas:

Stakeholder partnerships and online engagement

Cutting edge knowhow combining crisis expertise with corporate, consumer brand and lifestyle communications

Strategic planning and long-term PR programming focusing on tangible short-term results

Public affairs counselling, stakeholder mapping and round table events & seminars 

Bluecom partner network covers Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania


Kai Hakkarainen

Kai Hakkarainen has extensive knowhow in advertising, communications, customer research, co-development and innovation programs in healthcare sector, also in public and private organizations. Kai is responsible for local client collaboration and activities.

Kai has worked with national healthcare development projects, Helsinki University Hospital and most of major companies in pharma market in Finland.


Olli Ollila

Olli Ollila has extensive knowhow in all core fields of crisis, corporate and brand communications Olli is responsible for international relations and development of all core activities on international level. 
Olli has specialised in communications for B to B sector, global multi-corporations, consumer industry, ICT & general technology, management consultancy, governmental institutions and health care sector for over 20  years. 

Olli has broad contacts with Finnish key  media as well as with important Finnish influencers. His network includes decision makers from IT, Consumer and Corporate industries.